What is TMJ Dysfunction?


Many people suffer from dizziness, earaches, face, head, neck, shoulder and back pain, without knowing the cause of their pain. Previously, many patients seeking medical cures for these types of problems were told it was "all in their mind." They would go from "specialist" to "specialist" seeking a cure. Today, however, it is now known that a condition termed TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome accounts for a large number of these previously uncured and painful ailments. 

Correcting the problem rather than the symptom is at the heart of TMJ treatment. With new knowledge and technology, at Gallery Dental, Dr Al is able to treat and diagnose TMJ problems, which previously have been overlooked. 

As one of the few dentists offering an efficient and proven alternative to avoid surgery, at Gallery Dental we offer Splint Therapy. 

The splint, when properly fabricated, will position the jaw joints in a stable position reducing symptoms while helping alignment and proper positioning of the teeth. 

As The TMJ Association (TMJA) explains, a splint is a hard dental appliance made of acrylic resin that fits over the upper or lower teeth. The device prevents contact between the teeth, and when the teeth touch the splint, they're in the least harmful and most correct position.